About MyRacePass Fantasy Racing

MyRacePass Fantasy Racing is a one of a kind, real-time fantasy platform for hundreds of tracks and series on the MyRacePass Network.  Fantasy is simple to join, easy to play, and allows you to compete with your friends across the nation.

 Getting Started

  1. Find a Fantasy event.
    • Fantasy events are marked with a purple Fantasy icon in to top left corner. 
    • This icon indicates that at least 1 class in the event will have Fantasy Racing available. 
  2. Create your Fantasy Team
    • Once you've found a Fantasy event, select the "Fantasy Racing" section from the event home.
    • You'll be asked to create a Fantasy Team (if you have not created one yet)
  3. Make your picks
    • Once you're team is created, a list of all Fantasy Groups will be displayed.
    • Groups that are marked as "Open" will all you to make your picks for the night.
    • Touch the group, select a competitor from each match-up, and save.
  4. Watch results roll in
    • Fantasy results will be calculated each time the scorer enters official results for a race.
    • You're points and standings will be updated throughout the night.


Fantasy Teams

Your Fantasy Team will be used across ALL Fantasy events you join.  This helps keep teams uniform and consistent across all events.  

Team names will be moderated, so please keep them civil (we don't wanna pick one for you).

Currently team names cannot be edited. 


Making Picks

Once the entry list is closed, we use some magic to generate competitor match-ups.  Each Fantasy Team is allowed to pick one competitor from each match-up.  Picks can be made or changed until the first set of results is posted.

Be sure to pick a competitor for each match-up to get the most points for the Fantasy Group.



Fantasy results are calculated after each time the scorer saves official results for a race.  Competitors are given points for their finishes.  The highest point competitor in each match-up is deemed correct.  Bonus points are awarded for picking the correct competitor in a match-up.

Fantasy Teams will be awarded the points their competitors earn throughout the night. The Fantasy Team with the most points wins!

Point Types

  1. Winning Match-up Points
    • These are the competitor points your team has earned from competitors you have picked correctly.
  2. Losing Match-up Points
    • These are the competitor points your team has earned from competitors you have picked incorrectly.
  3. Correct Pick Bonus
    • 5 bonus points for each correct pick will be awarded to your Fantasy Team
    • Example: If you pick 3 competitors correctly, you will get 15 Correct Pick Bonus points.
  4. Attendance Bonus
    • If you are detected as attending the event, we will award you 5 bonus points PLUS 1 point for every correct pick.
    • Example: If  you attend the event, and pick 3 competitors correctly, you will get 8 Attendance Bonus points.
    • Note: Location information must be enabled and allowed for the MyRacePass app while making your picks for attendance points to be included.

Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie in points, the following tie breakers will be used:

  • Most correct picks
  • Most Attendance Bonus Points
  • Most Winning Match-up Points
  • Most Losing Match-up Points
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