Simple Transfer Line-ups

The purpose of this article is to explain transfer line-ups in MyRacePass.

The following line-ups transfer drivers as they finished a previous race. The line-ups are generally staggered. Staggered line-ups move the best competitors evenly across races. Starting first inside row of the first race to first inside row of the second. Repeating the pattern until all drivers are in a race. 

Heat Line-ups

Heat from Qualifying- Lines up drivers in order of qualifying finish. Better finishing drivers to the front.

Example Qualifying Finish.


Heat Line-up From those results. This uses the staggering as described above.mceclip1.png

Heats from Qualifying, Full Invert-  Inverts the finish of the qualifying. Using the results from above example gets you this line-up


The same racers are in the same races as the non-inverted line-up but their positions are swapped. 

Feature Line-ups

C and B Feature from Heats- Uses Heat finish results to line-up C or B Feature. 

Given these results 


Gets this line-up


In this instance Gary and Chuck finished 1st in the Heats. They share finishes so they are lined up earlier heat first. This would be the same pattern if there were more heats. 

C and B Feature from Qualifying- Similar to the "from Heat" line-up but uses Qualifying finish order instead. 

Using these results-


Gives this line-up 


In this instance, there was only a single C Feature. If there were more, it would use the staggering as mentioned above. 


A Feature from Qualifying- Uses Qualifying Finish to determine A Feature Order. This is common in asphalt racing. 

Using these results


Gives this line-up. 


A Feature from Qualifying and Bs- Puts B Finish transfers to the rear.

Similar to A Feature from Qualifying but uses the Qualifying finish with the B Feature transfers added to the rear. These go off of the transfers set in the Races tab. 

Using these results for the Qualifying


And these from the Subsequent B Feature


Gives this line-up


You can see that the B Feature Transfers went to the back of the line-up. B Feature Transfers will never start ahead of competitors that transferred from qualifying. 

A Feature from Heats and B's- Works the same as A Feature from Qualifying and B's but uses the heat finish instead of qualifying. 

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