Non-Qualifying Group Line-ups

The purpose of this article is to explain the From Group Line-ups in Race Management.

From Group line-ups are used to calculate multiple features while the heats are partly finished. Using this, you can calculate one B Feature out of many while the heats are still running. These are primarily used for larger events where having earlier features can expedite the show. 

B Feature from Heat and C Groups- This line-up requires multiple B Features. It can also be calculated partially. It divides the heats by number of B Features. Two B Features divide by half. Three by thirds and so on.

For Example


The first three heats are completed. 


Notice how only one B Feature is calculated. We had a number of heats easily divided into the B Features. 

These are lined-up using the normal B Feature From Heat line-ups. For more information on those, you can go to this link. C Features are added to the end of Heat Transfers. It follows the same group setting. 

A Feature from Heat and B Groups- Uses the same format as above but for A Features. Ideally this would be for formats using multiple A Features. Generally, this would be for a special event. B Feature transfers are moved to the end of the heat transfers. 


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