Karting Line-ups

The purpose of this article is to explain the different Karting Line-ups in MyRacePass.

Heat Line-ups. 

It's important to remember that the heat line-ups for Karting need an even number of heats. 

Karting Pill Draw (2 Heats)- Lines up the drivers in exactly 2 heats. Lines drivers up by pill draw low to high in the first heat. It inverts that line-up for the second line-up.

Given Pill Numbers of 


Will give the following for heats. 


Karting 4/6/8- Uses the same format as the Karting Pill Draw but with more heats. Be sure to use an even number of heats! 


Feature Line-ups

Karting from Heats (Finish Total) - Takes the numerical finishes from the heats and adds them together. Lower totals start up front. Example (Driver A finishes 1 and 3, Driver B finishes 2 and 4. A would have 4 and B 6. A would start ahead of B) 

 Karting from Heats- Lines drivers up by the total number of positions gained between both heats. Competitors with more positions gained start up front. 

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