Redeeming Online Tickets

The purpose of this article is to explain the process of using online tickets as a track promoter.


NEW! In-app Ticket Scanner


We have recently released a new feature allowing users to scan tickets in the MyRacePass app!

  • Only available for iOS devices currently
  • Be sure to download the latest version of the app in the app store
  • Provide us a list of the users by email address who you want to have access to the scanner in app. The email address must be associated with a valid MyRacePass account used to log in to the app. 
  • The account holders DO NOT NEED to be site admins, anyone with the current version of the app on their iOS device is eligible. 

The scanner is very easy to get to in the app menu: 




Tickets can only be scanned one time. There are built in errors for trying to scan the same ticket twice. This scanner can be utilized for pre-sold tickets or pit passes, but will not scan driver MRP cards as they check in. If you do not have an iphone or do not wish to use the scanner, you can follow the steps below for external scanners or no scanners.


Redeem in Race Management


1) Print a list of ticket purchasers. You can do that in the ticket management page. You can see that in the tickets management page. Click the Sales button next to the event. 


Alternatively, you can click the Sold Tickets button inside the ticket page. 


You can print the full report. This is able to printed by section or you can print all ticket holders. Using this report, you can cross off people with vouchers in a will call window. 

2) You can use the Redeem Window to scan a ticket. 

In the Ticket Event Page, click Redeem. 


This page will let you scan vouchers using a bar code scanner. 


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