How Do I Receive Money from Online Ticket Sales?

The purpose of this article is to explain the process of receiving funds from Online Ticket sales. 


Promoters must fill out our ACH FORM and mail to


PO BOX 81666

Lincoln, NE 68501.


Promoters will then complete the event at the end of the race night, confirm the tickets no later than 12:00 PM CST on Monday and ticket funds will be deposited into the bank account associated with the ACH form. Fund will arrive within 1-2 business days. 

Please note, that the email in the ACH form will need to match an administrator email on your track's account. 

To confirm your ticket go to the event in your tickets page.


Once there, click on the "Get Funds/Full Refunds" button. 


Once you do, follow the directions in the window that appears. First you'll be texted a code.


We use the phone number provided in the ACH form.  Put that in the Verification Code Box. To receive funds put the status of the event as COMPLETE.


You will receive one final confirmation screen. image__9_.png

Once you click OK you are good to go. 

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