How Do I Update My Profile Images as a Driver?

This article outlines the process of updating the images that appear on a driver profile.

Each driver profile contains two main images:

  • A profile image or avatar that will represent the driver on the profile and lineups, results etc.
  • A header or banner image that the public sees at the top of the profile page.

Accessing the Admin Console to Update Profile Images

  1. Once a driver profile is claimed, an Edit Now button will appear at the top of the profile. Click this to open the admin console.
     Note that the button will only be visible if the user has logged in.


  2. The Admin Console will open on the Dashboard.
      Note that various alerts may appear here such as Profile image missing and Header image missing.


  3. Click Fix now or the blue button Update Images to open the Account Overview page where the profile images can be uploaded.
  4. On the Account Overview page you will see two sections where images can be uploaded: 1. Profile Image and 2. Header Image.


Image Requirements

The process of updating profile images is simple, but editing and finding the right images can be challenging. Have a look at our design templates here to see example images that will make it easier to create your own images. Or to make the process much easier, contact us here to design your images for you.

Profile Image Requirements 

  • Profile images must be at least 600 pixels tall and 600 pixels wide.
  • Profile images must have square proportions. This means that the width and height must have an equal number of pixels.
     This means that an image 600x600 or 700x700 pixels will work, but an image 500x500 or 800x600 pixels will not work.
  • The image should contain a minimal amount of text.
  • Profile images should clearly represent the driver.

    Profile Image Template

Header Image Requirements

  • Header images must be 600 pixels tall and 1800 pixels wide.
  • Header images should contain a minimal amount of text that appears only in the text-safe portion of the image.

    Header Image Template

Updating Profile Images

  1. Click Update Image in the 1. Profile Image or 2. Header Image section as needed.
  2. In the Upload Image modal, click Select File.
  3. Select the image file from your computer and click Open.
  4. On the Upload Image modal click Upload.

      Note: An error message will be displayed if a problem is detected with the image along with feedback on correcting the problem.

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