What are the Components of Season Management?

The purpose of this article is to familiarize the user with Season Management and the redesigned MyRacePass console.

Area Bar

The area bar is a vertical row of icons on the far-left that links to each area of the MyRacePass console. The area bar gives each page a familiar layout that simplifies navigation between areas.


MyRacePass Dashboard

The topmost item in the area bar is the MRP logo which links to the new MyRacePass Dashboard. Consisting of quick links, individualized widgets and an automated alerts feature, this page makes for a convenient starting point when first signing into your network.


The second item in the area bar is your network profile image which links to the Account area. This is where you can manage aspects of your network account such as profile content, billing information and network rewards.

Season Management

The third item is a calendar icon which links to Season Management. Use this area to manage each aspect of your season from event schedules and registrations, to point standings, payments and suspensions.

Race Management

The fourth item is a flag icon which links to Race Management. Use this area to manage each aspect of race day such as live timing, competitor entries, lineups, results and points/payout calculation.


The fifth item is a ticket icon that links to the Ticket Management area. Use this area to manage event tickets and sales.


The sixth item is a chart icon that links to the Reports area. This area provides a centralized list of all the reports that are available.

Web Management

The seventh item is a globe icon that takes the user to the Web Management area. Everything relating to web content management can be found here. This includes custom pages, news, media, eCommerce and the Contact List.

Season Dropdown Menu

At the top of the Season Management layout is the season dropdown menu. Expand this menu to create a new season or switch between seasons.


Season Management Component Menu

The Season Management component menu is just to the right of the area bar. Each item in the bar links to a component of the season selected in the dropdown menu.



The Overview component contains a collection of widgets and alerts that present a high level view of the selected season. Review things like upcoming events, pending registrations, active suspensions and potential problems identified by the system.



The Config component is used to define the basic elements of the season such as the start and end dates, season tracks, season series and season classes.



The Registrations component is used to manage as well as process registrations for a season including yearly registrations, event registrations and general registrations.


The Events component is where users build schedules and events for their seasons. Events can be managed individually or with batch-editing features. 


The Points component is for managing payout and point standings for each class and schedule in a given season.


The Payments component is for managing the payments made during a season. Use this area to print checks or export transactions to your accounting program.


The Suspensions component is for managing suspensions issued during the season. Use this area to monitor fines and competitor eligibility.

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