Why is there no margin when I print reports?

Question: Why is there no margin when I print reports?

In the Google Chrome browser it is possible to configure the Cloud Print margins to zero. If a user changes the margins to None, future print jobs will retain this setting.

Changing the Google Chrome Cloud Print Margins Setting

  1. Open a MyRacePass report.
  2. Click Print.


  3. On the left click More Settings.


  4. In the Margins field verify the selected option. If this is set to None then this is likely the cause of the problem.


  5. To resolve the problem choose one of the other options in the Margins dropdown menu. Normally Default is a good choice.
  6. After the setting has been changed the new margin should be visible.

    Note: The Margins setting will be remembered by the browser, so this process should only need to be completed one time.

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