Commonly Asked Questions when Linking Facebook Account to MRP

I was previously able to post from MRP to Facebook successfully, but now when I post nothing appears on the Facebook page. How do I fix this?

Sometimes the authorization that we get from Facebook expires or becomes invalid. This can be fixed by re-authorizing the MRP app as documented here.

How do I add my driver's Facebook page that I manage and not my own personal page?

If your personal Facebook user account is a page administrator on your driver's Facebook page, then we can ask Facebook for this information and create a link to the driver's page.

 Note: Do not be alarmed if your Facebook profile appears when granting the MRP Facebook permissions, this is normal. The Facebook pages that you administer are linked to your personal Facebook profile. Later in the process you will be able to select which Facebook page that you want to link.

Why is my team's Facebook page not listed on the MyRacePass Facebook authorization page?

When you click Add Facebook Account on the Connected Apps page of your MRP Admin site, we ask Facebook for a list of sites that you administer, then we make each of those options available as a checkbox.

If you don't see the desired page listed, then your current user is not an administrator on the page. Log in to Facebook as the correct user and then try clicking Add Facebook Account again. If you still do not see the page listed, contact another Facebook page administrator and ask them to verify that you are a page administrator.

 Note: A page moderator will not work, you must be a page administrator.

How can I link my association's Facebook group with MyRacePass?

MyRacePass cannot integrate directly with a Facebook group. Instead create a Facebook page for your Facebook group and then link MyRacePass to the group page.

 Note: In order to link a Facebook page with a Facebook group, you need to be an administrator on both the page and the group. Being a moderator is not sufficient.

  1. On your group page click More | Edit Group Settings.

  2. Then in the section Linked Pages, click Create New Linked Page.

  3. Enter a name for the page and click Create Page.
  4. After the page has been created for your group, log in to your MRP admin site.

     Note: You must be an administrator on your MRP site in order to link the Facebook page.

  5. Click the gear icon in the top-right and select Account Settings.
  6. Click Connected Apps.
  7. Click Add Facebook Account.

  8. A new page will open with the heading INSTALL FACEBOOK APP.
  9. In the dropdown menu Authorize to Site: select your MRP site.
  10. Check the box for the Facebook group page and click Authorize Pages.
  11. Now if you reload the Connected Apps page you should see the Facebook page listed.


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