How Do I Copy Previous Race Setups?

The purpose of this article is to explain the process of copying races from a previous event when setting up a new event in Race Management.

How to Copy Previous Races

  1. In Race Management begin by adding the desired class to an event.
  2. Next open the Races page.


  3. If races have been completed in the current class within the past year, you will see a section titled Previous races.

     Note: It is only possible to copy previous races when no races have been added.

  4. Click the event that you would like to copy and a modal window will appear.

     Note: Don't worry if the races being copied are not exactly as desired, it is still possible to add, remove or edit races after copying.

  5. Verify the type and number of races then click Copy.

    Copy Races

  6. The copied races will now be listed and available for editing.

What is Copied

  • Name
  • Sponsors
  • Laps
  • Time Limit
  • Tech
  • Transfers
  • Drivers Per Row

What is not Copied

  • Total Time
  • Race Status
  • Pill Options
  • Transponder Options

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