Barcode Scanners for MRP Cards

This article provides background information on barcode scanners used to process MRP cards.

The MRP Card

The MRP card is a plastic or electronic barcode card that identifies a driver in MyRacePass. The barcode on the MRP card translates to the driver's MRP number. This number is primarily used to enter a driver in races and for registering in events. A driver can be entered either by manually typing the MRP number or by scanning the barcode. The use of barcodes can improve the speed and efficiency of the back gate entry process and remove much of the guesswork and uncertainty of manually entering driver data.

 Note: Read more about the back gate entry process here.

Suggested Features

There are a number of barcode scanning devices on the market that can be used to scan MRP cards, but there are some features that make certain devices more helpful than others.

  • The ability to read 1D barcodes omnidirectionally.
  • The ability to read barcodes from mobile device screens.
  • The ability to operate the device in a hands-free capacity.

Suggested Hardware

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