Getting Started with MRP Live for Tracks

This article provides instructions for the installation and initial setup of MRP Live for Tracks. 


  • MRP Live requires the .NET Framework version 4.6.1. The installer will automatically install the appropriate version of the framework, but it can also be downloaded and installed manually from here.
  • A Windows operating system of Windows 7 SP1 or later is required.


  1. Download MRP Live.
  2. Unzip the file containing the installer. The installer will have a .msi file extension.
  3. Run the installer using administrator privileges.

    Setup Wizard

  4. When the installer opens, click Next.

    Installation Folder

  5. Choose the installation folder or leave the default path and click Next.

      Note: In nearly all cases, the default location is appropriate.

  6. Click Next to start the installation.

    Confirm Installation

  7. When the installation has completed, click Close.

    Installation Complete

Launching the Application

  1. There should now be an MRP Live shortcut on the Desktop and on the Start menu.
  2. Double-click the shortcut to start the application.

First Time Setup

  1. The first time the application starts a First Time Setup wizard will be displayed.

      Note: These settings can be changed at any time after the initial launch.

    First Time Setup

  2. Answer each question and click Confirm.

      Note: The default settings will be acceptable for most users, but be sure to correctly choose either MyLaps Orbits or Westhold Race Manager as the application can behave in an unexpected manner if the wrong selection is made.

    • Select the timing software you use - Specify the timing software that you will be using with MRP Live.
    • Will you be using MyRacePass to create lineups? - Choose Yes if you need to import lineups from MyRacePass into Race Manager or Orbits.
  3. Click Browse and select the path where the lineup files will be downloaded.

      Note: On Race Manager this is usually C:\RaceManager\Assign.

  4. Setup Westhold

    Race Manager Lineup Settings

    • Create a file containing all competitors - This option creates a file for all competitors in a class, for example Street Stocks - Competitors.txt.
    • Create a lineup file per race - This option creates a lineup file for each race, for example Street Stocks - A Feature 1.txt.

    Orbits Lineup Settings

    Setup Orbits

    • Create file containing only groups & competitors - This option specifies that a file containing all groups (Groups.xml) will be created.
    • Create file containing groups and runs - This option specifies that a file containing all groups and runs (Runs.xml) will be created.
    • Create file containing all competitors from all classes/runs - This option specifies that a file containing all competitors and classes (AllCompetitors.txt) will be created.
    • Create separate competitors file per class - This option will create a competitors file for each class, for example Street Stocks - Competitors.txt.
    • Set auto finish method to "Laps" - This option will set each race to auto-finish based on the defined number of laps.


  1. After the First Time Setup, the application will display the Setup tab at launch.

    MRP Live Connect

  2. In the Race Data section, enter the IP address and port number (usually 50000) of the RMonitor broadcast.

      Note: The IP address and port number of the RMonitor feed are found within the timing application.
    Detailed instructions for finding this information is available for MyLaps Orbits and Westhold Race Manager.

  3. Next choose either Orbits or Race Manager to specify which timing system you are using.

      Note: The field MRP Live Code is the unique, per-event code that tells MyRacePass which event is being broadcast.

  4. To find the MRP Live Code, open the event in Race Management.

    Send Lineups

  5. In Race Management click the MRP Live tab.

    Get MRP Live Code

  6. Select and copy the code from MRP Live Connection Code.

      Note: Alternatively, click Launch from Web to launch MRP Live with the code already entered.
    MRP Live needs to be closed when using this option.

  7. Back in the MRP Live Client, paste the code into the field MRP Live Code.
  8. If planning to use the application without a connection to the Internet, check the box Offline Mode.
  9. In the Assignments Path field, click Browse and choose the folder where MRP Live will download driver assignments files.
  10. Check the box Ignore if you are not using the assignments feature.
  11. Click Connect.

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