Loading Assignments in MRP Live for Tracks

This article covers the process of downloading driver assignments from Race Management to the Assignments Path configured in MRP Live for Tracks. Assignments can be downloaded from Race Management or from within MRP Live.

Note: Lineups are only created for races that are in Lineups mode.

Send Lineups from Race Management

  1. Start MRP Live and connect using the code from the current event.

  2. In Race Management, from the top-right navigation menu click MRP LiveSend Lineups.

  3. A success or failure message will be displayed on the page and in the output text on the Home tab of MRP Live.

    Note: If the transfer fails, make sure that MRP Live is running and connected with the MRP Live code for the event with lineups being sent.

Load Assignments from MRP Live

    1. In MRP Live connect to the current event.
    2. View the Home tab.
    3. Click Load Assignments.

    4. The text output will record a success or failure message.
    5. If using Orbits, follow the instructions here for importing the assignments files.

      Note: Race Manager automatically imports files placed in the assignments path which is usually C:\RaceManager\assign\.

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