Using MRP Live for Tracks Offline Mode

This article documents the MRP Live for Tracks Offline Mode feature.

The normal operation of MRP Live requires an Internet connection. Offline mode allows MRP Live to function in a limited capacity without an Internet connection. 


  • Race data is saved locally and uploaded later when an Internet connection is available.


  • The lap viewer is not available.
  • Lineups cannot be loaded from Race Management.
  • Race data is not immediately uploaded to the MRP server.

Using Offline Mode

  1. Open MRP Live.
  2. View the Setup tab.

    MRP Live

  3. Check the box for Offline Mode and click Connect.
  4. Run your races as you normally would.
  5. When an Internet connection is available, uncheck the box Offline Mode and click Connect. Any pending uploads will then be uploaded to the server.

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