Connecting MRP Live for Tracks to a Race Data Feed

This article outlines the process of connecting MRP Live for Tracks to a race feed along with troubleshooting advice for common problem scenarios. 

The timing system will broadcast the RMonitor feed on a specific IP address and port number. This address must be accessible on the network from the machine running MRP Live. Issues with network configuration and firewall rules may prevent MRP Live from accessing the feed, so it is important to have some level of familiarity with the local network or the assistance of a network technician when attempting to monitor a race feed with MRP Live.

  1. Launch MRP Live and on the Setup tab you will need to enter the IP address and port number of the RMonitor broadcast.

    MRP Live

  2. The race data feed will ordinarily be found on port 50000 with the notable exception of the Orbits v5 local app feed which uses port 60000 by default. The IP address will vary, so it is best to confirm both of these details in your timing system.

     Note: Instructions for finding this information in Westhold Race Manager is found here and MyLaps Orbits here.

  3. Enter the proper IP address and port number along with the desired event code and Assignments Path, then click Connect.


  4. The Race Data field will display Connected if the feed is found on the configured IP address and port number.


Race Feed not Found - This message means MRP Live tried to find a race feed at the configured IP address and port number but failed.

  • The most likely cause for this error message is the feed is not being broadcast by the timing system or the wrong address or port number is configured in MRP Live. Verify that the timing system is running and confirm the IP address and port number being used. 
  • Try temporarily disabling the firewall on the MRP Live machine and on the timing system machine. If you are able to connect, add a rule to allow outgoing TCP and UDP traffic on the configured port number (usually 50000) from the MRP Live machine and on the timing system machine add a rule to allow incoming port 50000 TCP and UDP traffic, then re-enable your firewall.
  • Verify that you can reach the timing system IP address from the MRP Live machine. Depending on the configuration of the local network, it may not be possible to reach the address being used for the RMonitor feed.
  • On the MRP Live machine, open the Windows CMD console and try to ping the IP address you have configured. If the ping does not get a response, then MRP Live will not get a response either.
  • Use the Windows CMD console on the MRP Live machine and run the following command:
    ipconfig /all
  • Find the IP address being used and confirm that it is on the same subnet as the IP address you have configured. If it is not on the same subnet, additional configuration of the network may be required.

Invalid Connection Code - This message indicates that the MRP Live Code that has been entered is not correct. Verify the code by viewing the code of the desired event in Race Management.

Invalid Assignments Path - This error is saying that the Assignments Path you have configured is not valid. Make sure that the folder you have configured actually exists and the field is not empty.

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