Importing MyRacePass Assignments in MyLaps Orbits

This article documents how to import assignments from MyRacePass into MyLaps Orbits and assumes that the user has already downloaded the assignments to the local machine using MRP Live. If you have not yet downloaded assignments from MyRacePass using MRP Live, see the article documented here

Overview of Assignments Files

In Orbits mode, MRP Live will produce four types of files. The file types created can be enabled and disabled in Advanced Settings.

Groups - This is a single file named Groups.xml which contains all the groups in an event.

Runs - This is a single file named Runs.xml which contains all the runs in an event.

Competitors - This is a single file named All Competitors.txt which contains all competitors entered in an event.

Competitors by Class - This creates a file for each class in an event containing all competitors entered in a particular class. The filename will include the class name, for example: Street Stocks Competitors.txt.

Importing Groups and Runs in Orbits

  1. In Orbits, open the Registrations tab.
  2. On the left click Import groups and runs.


  3. Click Browse and select the groups or runs file and click Next.
  4. Click Finish.

Importing Competitors in Orbits

  1. In Orbits, open the Registrations tab.

  2. In the middle column, select the group or run that will receive the imported assignments.
  3. In the left column click Import competitors.
  4. In the dialog that opens, select the radio button for Import competitors from file and click Next.

  5. Click Browse and select the competitors file and click Next.

     Note:This path will likely be the Assignments Path from MRP Live.


  6. Select/Deselect drivers as needed and click Next.

    Import Competitors File

     Note: Uncheck the box for the header row at the top.

  7. Verify the competitors being imported and click Finish.

     Note: Orbits treats transponder numbers as numbers and will remove leading zeroes. Race Management however treats the transponder numbers as text and will preserve the leading zeroes, but when importing the results will treat the transponder numbers as numbers so that the import is successful.

    Select a File

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