How do I Import Results from MyLaps Orbits to MyRacePass without MRP Live?

This article outlines the process of exporting results from MyLaps Orbits as a CSV file and importing it into MyRacePass.

Exporting the Results CSV File from Orbits

  1. In Orbits, open the Processing tab.

    Orbits Processing

  2. Select the group/run of the desired results.
  3. Click Export results to file.

Processing the Results

  1. Back in MRP Race Management, select the desired event/class and view the Results tab.

    Import Results

  2. Click Upload a File.
  3. Select File Format of Orbits (CSV).

  4. Click the button Choose File and pick the CSV file created in Orbits.
  5. Click Import.

    Upload an Import File

  6. The imported results will be displayed.

     Note: If a driver is marked in red, it means that the driver in the imported results does not match up with a driver in the system. Correct these by first clicking the red driver, then picking the associated driver on the left. The driver will turn white.


  7. Reposition driver results by dragging and dropping into the desired order.
  8. If needed, delete a driver by clicking the red x to the right.
  9. When satisfied with the results, click Save as Completed.

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