What is Included in the MyRacePass Wordpress Plugin?

This article outlines the features available with the MyRacePass Wordpress plugin. The plugin uses the MRP web API to retrieve data from the MyRacePass Network, which is then packaged as a Wordpress widget or page. The plugin has been tested and confirmed in Wordpress version 4.4.2.


Next Events

The Next Events widget presents links to the event page for the next three events in the schedule along with the event date and venue.

Latest Results

The Latest Results widget presents the results from the five most recently completed events in the network using a carousel format that displays one event at a time.

Point Standings

The Point Standings widget lists the current point standings for each class in a carousel format with a link to the full point standings page.


Point Standings

The Point Standings page (/myracepass/points) lists the current points standings for each class in a table format.

Event Schedule

The Event Schedule page (/myracepass/schedule) lists all events for all classes on the schedule in a table format.

Event Details

The Event Details page (/myracepass/event/<eventid>) lists the results and information for a single event.

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