Getting Started - Importing Current Driver List

This article details the requirements for importing a current driver list.


A list of current drivers needs to be imported into MyRacePass before a series or track user can begin building lineups. This process only needs to be done one time when first getting started with MyRacePass. Once completed, drivers can be issued an MRP card, invited to claim their profile and access Pit Board communications.


  1. Create a separate file (.XLS, .XLSX or .CSV) for each class of drivers.
  2. Use the top row for column headings such as Last Name, Suffix, First Name etc.
  3. Do not include any periods (.) in the suffix field. 

     Example: Jr, Sr, etc.

  4. List one driver per line.
  5. The Country field can be left blank for residents of the United States.
  6. The ClassId column is for admin use only. Leave this column blank.
  7. Name the File TrackName_ClassName or Organization_ClassName.

     Example: ABCSpeedway_LateModels.xls, AcmeRacing_360WingedSprint.xlsx etc.

  8. Email the files to

Template File

A template file is available for download here.


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