Current Drivers

The purpose of this article is to familiarize the user with the Current Drivers page found on the admin site navigation menu under ProfilesDrivers.


Current drivers are drivers who have been linked to a track or series by participating in past events or by being manually added through the Current Drivers page.

Add Driver - Click the Add Driver button in the top-right to access a form used to add a driver to the list of current drivers.

Invite to Claim - Click the Invite to Claim button to access a form used to send a mass email invitation to current drivers with instructions for claiming a profile.

Print Driver Roster - Click the button Print Driver Roster to print a list of current drivers by class.

Un-linked Drivers - Click the Un-linked Drivers button to access a form that will display any drivers who appear in results for a track/series, but are not linked as a current driver. The form provides an option to link any drivers listed.

Driver Finishes - Click Driver Finishes to access a form used to search results across the MRP network for top finishes of your current drivers.

Default Car # - Use this field to set the default car number for a driver. 

Default TxID - Use this field to set the default transponder ID number for a driver.

Status - Use this field to set the status of a driver to ActiveDisabled, Archived or Pending.

Remove - Click the red X icon to remove a driver from the list of current drivers.

Filter - Use the Filter form to filter the displayed list of current drivers by Class, Status or Name.

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