What Are Do The Different Tags For News and Media Mean?


Content is shared to participating sites based on the given tags. Each MRP-enabled website uses specific tags to filter incoming media. This system enables only the most relevant content to be used on a site.

At a minimum, we recommend tagging content with organization, driver and class tags.


All track or series sites will filter media based on a track or series tag respectively. These tags are required to share content to accepting websites.

For example, all ASCS websites will show photos based on the association tag.

To display on the ASCS Gulf South website (, a media item must have a tag of "ASCS Gulf South".


To display on a driver profile, a photo or video must have an organization tag and a driver tag.


For certain media sites like SprintSource (, sharing is based on the class or type-of-racing tag. SprintSource will accept any media tagged as a sprint car, micro or midget class.

Note: Media will only be shared to participating MRP-enabled websites.


Type tags link content to a type of racing. For example: Winged Sprints, Non-Winged Sprints, Stock Cars etc. 


Track tags link content to a racing venue. Using this tag allows the article to appear on the track's news feed.


Series tags link content to a racing association. Using this tag allows the article to appear on the series' news feed.


Event tags link content to a racing event.


Sponsor tags link content to a sponsor.


Misc tags are user-defined tags that can be used to improve the searchability of content. As an example, a misc tag could identify events in a series of promotional events.

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