How Do I Add Another Admin to my Account?

This article explains the process of adding additional user accounts for employees etc. to a profile.  At the bottom (#9) explains how to remove admin access for a user. 

  1. Begin in the admin site by clicking the gear icon on the top-right or bottom left (pending the type of site you have), then click Account Settings.
  2. On the settings menu (in blue) on the left, click Members.


  3. On the Manage User Accounts page, click the Add Member button.

    Create Member

  4. Enter the member's email address, then click Next.

    Invite to Admin

  5. Complete the form and click Send Invite.

    Email - Enter the email address that the member will use to log in.

    First Name - Enter the member's first name.

    Last Name - Enter the member's last name.

    Role - Select a role from the dropdown menu.

    Invitation Sent

  6. An email will be sent requiring the user to click the link in order to verify the email address.

     Note: The invitation will expire after 48 hours.

  7. (Optional) Reset a user's password by clicking the notepad icon on the right.
  8. (Optional) Enable/Disable a user account by clicking the red/green icon on the right.
  9. Removing admin access by setting the dropdown box from "Standard Admin" to "Site Member"

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