Managing Pit Board Downloads

This article documents the process of managing files available for download from the Pit Board.

Adding a Category

  1. Begin by opening selecting Pit Board from the navigation menu.
  2. Click the Downloads tab.
  3. Add a downloads category by clicking the button on the left Add Category.
  4. Enter a name for the category and an optional description.


Adding a File

  1. Hover above the category, then in the menu that appears on the far-right, click the files icon.
  2. In the modal window that opens, select a previously uploaded file from either the Current tab or the Available Files tab.


  3. Alternatively, click the Upload New File tab to upload a new file.
  4. Pick a date in the Revision Date field. This date represents the date the file was last revised.
  5. Use the Browse button to select the file to be uploaded, then click Upload File.

Deleting a Category - Hover over the category and click the red X to the right.

Reordering Categories - Hover over the category and click the up/down arrows on the right.

Editing Category Information - Hover over the category and click the edit icon on the right.

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