Awarding Points and Payout

This article leads the user through the process of awarding points and payout. If a point scheme has not already been configured, start here.

  1. Begin by visiting the Race Points tab of the event page. From the navigation menu select ScheduleSchedule Events, then click the Race Points tab.
  2. In the top-left, choose the desired class, then click the button Add Point Group.

  3. From the modal window that appears, select the desired points scheme and one or more schedules.
  4. In the Apply To section, choose one or more options.
  5. (Optional) Check the box Award next points position to next eligible driver.

    Note: If this box is checked, the points position for an ineligible driver will carryover to the next eligible driver. If unchecked, the points position for an ineligible driver will be skipped.

  6. (Optional) Uncheck the box beside any driver not eligible to receive points in the points group.
  7. Click Add.

    Note: Ineligible drivers will receive pay, but not points.

  8. Once a point group has been added to a class, the Race Points tab will display an Edit button for each race. Use this to manually adjust awarded points or payout.

    Note: Use the Recalculate Points button to reset manually edited point or payout adjustments, see here for more information.

  9. (Optional) Add additional point groups by clicking the button in the upper-right, Add Points, then choose the desired class.

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