How Do I Add Subjects to My Contact Us Page?

This article documents the process of adding contact form subjects used on the MRP profile contact page.


When a user submits a contact form, they select a subject from a dropdown list. Each form subject is configured with one or more email addresses that will receive the contact message. Each message is also stored within the application. Read more about managing contact messages here.

  1. Begin on the admin site by selecting ContactForm Subjects from the navigation menu.

  2. Add at least one email address to receive the contact message by clicking Add New Email, entering a Contact Name and Contact Email, then clicking Save.
  3. Select the Available Emails tab and check the box for one or more email addresses.
  4. Enter a subject in the Subject field and click the Add button.
  5. (Optional) Use the up/down arrows on the right to reorder the list of subjects.
  6. (Optional) Use the red X icon on the right to delete a subject.

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