File Manager - Organizing and Removing Media

This article outlines the process for organizing and removing media with the File Manager.

Opening File Manager

  1. Select MediaPhotos from the navigation menu.

      Note: The File Manager can be accessed from multiple locations, basically anywhere photos or videos are added.

  2. Click Add.
  3. On the left, select the gallery that contains the desired media.

Reordering Photos and Videos

  1. On the Current tab, select Organize then click the Re-Order button.

  2. Drag and drop images to the desired position.
  3. Click Save.

Rotating a Photo

  1. On the Current tab, click Organize, then hover over the desired image and click the rotate icon.

  2. The image will rotate 90 degrees clockwise, repeat if needed.

Viewing Enlarged Photo

  1. On the Current tab, select Organize, then hover over the desired image and click the magnifying glass icon. 

     Note: This does not alter the photo.

  2. A modal window displays a larger view of the image.
  3. Click the X in the top-right when finished.

Cropping a Photo

  1. On the Current tab, hover over the desired image and click the wrench icon.

  2. Drag the image up or down, then click Set Top.
  3. Review the Cropping Previews and close the window.

Editing Title/Caption and Removing Media

  1. On the Current tab, click Edit/Remove.

  2. (Optional) Enter a title for an image in the Title field and a description in the textbox below. 

     Note: These fields can optionally be used in a site layout.

  3. Remove an item by clicking the red X to the right. 

     Note: This does not delete the item, it only removes it from the current object (news article etc.).

  4. Click Save Info, then click the X in the top-right.

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