Adding Topics to the Pit Board

This article steps the user through the process of adding and publishing a Pit Board topic.

  1. In the admin site, click Pit Board on the navigation menu.
  2. In the top-left, click the Add Topic button.

    Pit Board

  3. Complete the fields in the Add Topic window, then click Add Topic.

    Add Topic

    Category - From the dropdown menu, choose a category for the topic.

    Heading - Enter a heading that will be displayed as the title of the topic.

    Short Description - Enter a short description for the topic up to 500 characters long. Don't worry if you need more than 500 characters, you can add additional content to the topic in the next step.

    Sticky Topic - Check this box to make the topic sticky. Sticky topics will be featured at the top of the list of topics.

  4. (Optional) Add additional content by clicking the Add Element button for the desired content type at the bottom of the page. After one additional content element has been added, click the INSERT HERE link on the top or bottom of an element to add more content.

     Note: The available content types are covered in more depth here.

    Add Element

  5. When finished adding content, click the green Publish Topic button in the upper-left.

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