Building Starting Lineups

This article outlines the steps to build starting lineups and assumes that the user has already completed race setup and driver entry.

  1. Begin by selecting ScheduleSchedule Events from the navigation menu, then in the schedule, click the link for the desired event.
  2. This will display the Overview tab of the event. To build lineups, select the Lineups/Results tab. If driver entry and race setup are complete, the page should like similar to the image below.

  3. Now select the first race to build by setting the star icon in the upper-right of the race panel.
  4. To set the starting lineup, change the race mode to Line-ups by clicking the box in the upper-left (Finished is the default mode) and selecting Line-ups from the dropdown menu.

  5. Then specify the starting line-up by clicking Start (it should be blue now). 

    Note: By default the race is in Finished mode with the Finish line-up displayed.

  6. Now begin adding drivers from the Driver Entry List, Driver Search or a completed heat by clicking the green plus icon to the left of a driver name. The driver will be added to the selected lineup with the yellow star displayed.

    Note: If using Westhold Race Manager, see here for instructions on exporting lineups from MRP.

  7. Use the orange square to the left of the driver name to move the car up or down in the order. Click the button, then use the arrow keys to re-position.
  8. Use the red square to the left of the driver name to replace a car in a lineup. Click the red button, then replace the car by selecting the green plus button of another car. 

  9. When lineups are complete, be sure to click the red Save button at the bottom of the page.

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