Commonly Used Terms

Domain Name - Also referred to as a domain, is a unique name used to identify an IP address on the Internet.

Domain Name (Custom) - In MyRacePass, a custom domain name is commonly used to refer to a domain name that identifies a driver, track or series independent of the domain.

 Example:,, etc.

Hero Card - A custom-printed card designed to promote a race team with emphasis on the primary driver(s) and their sponsors. Bigger than a baseball card, hero cards have two standard sizes: 6 x 8 and 8 x 10 (inches).

Lineup Monitor - A MyRacePass feature used to share lineup positions on a public display.

Media Gallery - A container used to organize photos and videos, similar to a folder.

Media Tag - A word or phrase used to categorize media content.

Modal Window - A pop-up window that overlays another page.

News Feed - A continuously updated series of news articles published on the MRP network.

News Filter - A selection of news tags used to select MRP network news content to be displayed on a profile.

News Tag - A word or phrase used to categorize news content.

Pill Draw - A system for creating heat lineups with each driver drawing a number that determines their starting position.

Point Group - Also known as a point breakdown, is a subset of rules within a point scheme.

Point Scheme - A set of rules for determining how points are scored.

Profile - In MyRacePass, a profile refers to a subsite of the MRP network dedicated to a specific driver, track or series.

 Example:,, etc.

ToR - An acronym for "Type of Racing".

Transfer Options - The options in race setup that determine which drivers transfer from a heat race to a feature race.

Transponder - A device installed on a race car to track lap times.

Transponder ID - A number that uniquely identifies a timing transponder. The number used to identify a driver assigned to a particular transponder in the timing system.

Unclaimed Profile - A driver, track or series profile that has not been claimed. In other words, the profile exists in the network, but has not been used.

Unlinked Driver - A driver that has participated in an event at a track or series, but does not have an profile.

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