Race Day Guide - Tracks

This guide serves as an outline of steps to prepare track users for race day. This guide assumes that the user has already made preparations for the season such as creating a schedule and importing a list of drivers into the system. Series preparations for the race season are covered in the document here.

Before the Event:

  1. Adding Online Registration - In a few simple steps, publish a customizable entry form that allows drivers to register for the event online.
  2. Publishing Pre-Race News - Generate some hype for the event by publishing a race preview on the MRP network.

During the Event:

  1. Configuring Race Setup - Setup the classes that will be racing, configure pill draws and transponders.
  2. Building an Entry List - Build your entry list, use Quick Entry to really speed up the entry process.
  3. Calculating Lineups - Create lineups manually or calculate automatically.
  4. Using Lineup Monitor - Use a monitor to display lineups at a glance.
  5. Using the Announcer Screen - Give announcers access to driver and sponsor information along with past results and accomplishments.

After the Event:

  1. Entering Results - Enter race results after the event or on-the-fly.
  2. Awarding Points and Payout - Make quick work of determining points and payout.
  3. Printing Prize Checks - With the payout set, start printing checks.
  4. Generating Event Reports - Review updated standings, points and payout reports.
  5. Publishing Race Recap - Share event results with the MRP network.

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