Adding a Registration Entry

The purpose of this article is to familiarize the user with the process of adding an entry to an event registration.

  1. Begin by opening the event registration. Select Tools | Online Registration, then click the name of the registration event from the list on the Lookup tab.
  2. This opens the Registration Lookup page. Click the button Add Entry.

  3. Complete the form and click Save

    Note: Do not enter the parent information, use the driver's actual information.

    Entrant Information

    • First Name - (Required) Enter driver first name.
    • Last Name - (Required) Enter driver last name.
    • Address - Enter address of driver residence.
    • Address Cont. - Enter additional driver address information if needed.
    • City - Enter driver city of residence.
    • Country - Enter country of driver residence.
    • State - Enter state of driver residence.
    • Zip - Enter ZIP code of driver residence.
    • Email - Enter driver email address.
    • Phone - Enter driver phone number.
    • Birthday - (Required) Enter driver birthday.
    • Gender - Select driver gender.
    • Jacket Size - Enter driver jacket size.
    • Rookie Year? - Check box to indicate driver is currently a rookie.
    • Transponder - Enter driver transponder ID.
    • Emergency Contact - Enter driver emergency contact name.
    • Emergency Contact Ph - Enter driver emergency contact phone number.
    • Allergies - Enter comma-separated list of known allergies.
    • Class - Check at least one box.
    • Car Nums - Enter a comma-separated list of acceptable car numbers in the order of preference.

    Owner Information

    • Use Driver Information? - Check this box to use the driver information as the owner information.
    • First Name - Owner first name.
    • Last Name - Owner last name.
    • Address - Owner address.
    • Address Cont. - Additional owner address information.
    • City - Owner city.
    • Country - Owner country.
    • State - Owner state.
    • Zip - Owner ZIP code.
    • Email - Owner email address.
    • Phone - Owner phone number.

    Payout Information

    • Check payable to - Specify either Driver or Owner.

    Payment Information

    • Payment Method - Select the payment method.
    • Payment Reference # - Enter the payment reference number.
  4. Once entries have been added, view current registrations by specifying the desired filter criteria in the Filter Registrations control on the left.
  5. Confirm registrations by clicking the blue Confirm button for a driver.
  6. Click the view icon to view the details of a registration or the edit icon to edit.
  7. Click Print Confirmed | All Classes to view a list of all confirmed registrations.
  8. Click Export | Current Filter to create an XML export of the currently displayed registrations or All Entries to export all.

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