How Do I Tag News Posts?


Tags are keywords used to describe and share content on the MRP network. Appropriately tagging content is critical in exposing your news to the intended audience.

Tag Types

  • Type - Indicates the type of racing in the news article. For example: Winged Sprints, Non-Winged Sprints, Stock Cars etc. 

     Note: Type is a required tag.

  • Track - Links the article to a specific venue. Using this tag allows the article to appear on the track's news feed.
  • Series - Links the article to a specific racing association. Using this tag allows the article to appear on the series' news feed.
  • Driver - Links a driver to the news article and allows for sharing across the driver's site and MRP profile.
  • Event - Links an event with the news article, allows the article to appear on the event profile and appends the event results to the article content.
  • Class - Links the article with a specific class of racing.
  • Sponsor - Links one or more sponsors to the article.
  • Misc - Optional tags that can be used to improve the searchability of the article. As an example, a misc tag could identify events in a series of promotional events.

Additional Options

  • Set Tags as Default - Clicking this link will set the currently selected tags as the default.
  • Manage - Opens a separate page to configure default tags.

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