Managing Download Files

This article outlines the purpose and usage of the Media | Manage Files page.


The Manage Files page is used to manage the files available for download from a site.

Adding a File

  1. In the navigation menu, select MediaManage Files.
  2. Click the button Add File in the top-left.
  3. Enter a date in the field Revision Date

     Note: If left blank, this will default to 1/1/1990.

  4. In the field Name, enter the name users will see when downloading the file.
  5. Upload the file by clicking Browse and selecting the file, then clicking Save.

Other Features

Uses - A counter for the number of times a user has downloaded the file.

Public Link - Opens the public link to the file.

Admin Link - Opens the admin link to the file.

Edit - Opens a form to edit the file details.

Delete - Deletes the file.

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