How Do I Create News Articles?

This article outlines the process for creating news articles on the MRP network.

  1. Begin by clicking the News icon in the top left portion of the menu bar. You should now see the page All News.

  2. Click the Add News button located in the top-left region of the form. You should now see the page titled News Article Information.

     Note: If you need to finish the news article at a later time, click the button at the top marked Save for later.

  3. Next, fill in the Heading field. This will be displayed as the article title in a news feed.
  4. Enter the article date in the Date field.

     Note: The latest article date that can be used is the current date. Backdating is not a problem.

  5. In the User Account section, check the box Submit as Administrator (default) to display the administrator as the article author or leave unchecked to display your name as the author.
  6. (Optional) In the Credit field, enter the name of a rightsholder to be credited. If the rightsholder is not listed, select New Credit from the dropdown menu and enter the credit details.
  7. In the field marked Body, enter the primary text of the news article. This field is plain text only, but URLs will automatically be displayed as hyperlinks when published.

     Note: The presence of HTML in this field is forbidden and will result in an error page when previewed.

  8. If you have images or videos to include with the article, click Click to add media in the Article Media section, you should now see the File Manager

  9. On the Select tab, choose from the images and videos previously uploaded or click Upload New to add new media files. After locating or uploading media files, click the desired thumbnail(s) and then click the Select button and close the window.

     Note: Back on the News Article Information page, you should see the attached media thumbnails appear under Article Media.

  10. In the Article Networking section, specify the appropriate media tags for the article. At a minimum, specify the type of racing under Tag article as...Type.

     Note: Every news article requires a Type tag. The others are optional but recommended when appropriate.

  11. Click the Preview News button and review the article content. If satisfied, click Publish News, otherwise close the preview and make the desired changes.
  12. Once the article has been published successfully, you will see the Single News page. From here you can make the article Featured.

     Note: Featured articles will be presented at the top of the site and require at least one media file. Read more about featured content here.

  13. Optionally, use the Tweet This and Facebook This buttons to publish a link to your article on Twitter or Facebook. Read more about the social media features here.

  14. The Views button presents a views count for the article and when clicked provides a breakdown of views by site. Read more about site analytics here.

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