Printing Prize Checks

This document leads the user through the process of printing prize checks after an event.

  1. In Race Management, open the Points/Pay tab.
  2. Select the desired event and class from the top-left navigation menu.
  3. At the bottom of the page click the button Create Payments.
  4. Place the checks in the printer face-up with the lowest number on top.

     Note: Checks should only be printed from Firefox or Chrome browsers.


  5. A new window Process Payouts will open. Review the amounts and specify the payment type then click Create Checks.

    Process Payouts

     Note: If duplicate checks are accidentally created, use the Check History section on the Process Payouts page to mark unwanted checks as voided then click Save.

    Check History

  6. The Create Checks modal window will open with a list of drivers that have a payment type of Check. Select the desired check layout, then check the box for each driver to receive a check, specify the first check number being printed and lastly check the box to acknowledge that you understand the validity of the listed payments, then click Create.

      Note: Don't be alarmed if you don't see the correct check layout listed. In order to make a check layout available, we first require that a physical check be mailed to us.
    Please contact support to begin the check setup process.

    Create Checks

  7. A new page Print Checks will open. If everything appears correct click Print.


Check Types

Currently there are 3 supported check types.

DLT103-1 or 880971 QuickBooks Laser Checks, Lined

Wallet Check (3 per page)

3 Per Page (STXRX1/STXRX9)

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