Point and Payout Reports

This article defines the points and payout reports and describes how point average reports are ordered.

  • Point average reports can be used for lineup creation. These reports average the points earned over a specified number of events.
  • Drivers are ordered through a series of stages. The higher the driver is ranked, the closer to the front the driver should start.
  • This ordering gives drivers that have started the most races, the most recent race, that have been disqualified the least, with a lower point average, a better starting position than drivers that have a higher point average, but have started fewer races, been disqualified more etc.

Drivers will be ordered by the following criteria:

  • Number of races started (highest first).
  • Last race started (most recent first).
  • Number of disqualifications (fewest first).
  • Point average (highest first).

3 Race Point Average - This report shows the average points awarded to each driver over the last 3 scheduled events. Drivers that have entered each of the last 3 events will have a higher ranking than drivers who have missed one or more races.

2 Race Point Average - This report shows the average points awarded to each driver over the last 2 scheduled events. Drivers that have entered each of the last 2 events will have a higher ranking than drivers who have missed a race.

Current Points/Pay - A sortable report that lists all driver points and payout by class.

IMCA Race Point Average - A report that lists the IMCA race point averages for drivers by class in all events.

Passing Points Report - A report that lists passing points for all drivers in a specified event and point scheme.

Points Awarded by Race Report - A sortable report that details the points and payout for each driver in a specified event.

Total Point Average - This report shows the total points average for each driver over all completed events on the schedule.

Yearly Payout Report (1099 Report) - A list of total combined payout for each driver across all classes.

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  • Avatar
    Lisa Brown

    How do you go back to previous year?

  • Avatar
    Nate MRP


    If you are referring to the Yearly Payout Report, there is now a menu to select the year in the top-left.