Event Reports

This is an overview of the event reports available.

Awarded Points - A list of all points and payout awarded in an event.

Car Counts - A list of car counts per class by year.

Detailed Event Points  - A detailed report of points and payout, including adjustments, for an event.

Entry List - A list of all entries for an event, grouped by class.

Event Line Ups - A list of driver starting positions with a chart for lane assignments.

Event Points by Schemes - A detailed report that applies a particular point scheme to the specified event.

Line Up Sheet - A report that lists driver positions for each class in the specified event.

Media Results - A report that lists the results for each class in the specified event in a simple text format suitable for publication.

Results - A list of results for all races in the specified event.

Westhold Race Manager Line Ups - A list of driver lineups suitable for copying and pasting into the Westhold Race Manager assignments form.

Yearly Results Report - A list of results for all completed races in an event schedule.

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