How Do I Use the Announcer Screen?

The purpose of this article is to familiarize the user with the announcer screen: a page that provides announcers with quick access to driver biographies, results and points.

  1. In Race Management, select Tools | Announcer Screen from the top-right navigation menu.

    Tools Menu

  2. This opens the event page Overview tab. Click the Announcers tab.

    Announcer Screen

  3. Choose the desired class from the top-left, then choose from the Entry List to view information for a specific driver. 

     Note: Drivers participating in more than one class will have a separate profile for each class.

  4. Make changes to a driver biography with the Edit Biography button in the top-right.
  5. There are four tabs to choose from in the driver information section:
    • Biography - Contains driver biographical information, career highlights, crew details and sponsors.
    • Results - Lists past driver results in the current series and elsewhere in the MRP network.
    • Points - Lists point standings for the selected class.
    • Notes - Provides a form to enter and retain driver notes.
  6. Enabled by default, the Auto Refresh option (upper-right) will refresh driver information periodically to ensure that the latest information is available.

     NoteAuto Refresh is typically not problematic, but in a low-bandwidth situation, it may be helpful to turn this feature off.

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