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The purpose of this article is to familiarize the user with MyRacePass Back Gate Management and assumes that the user has already created an event schedule. For information on creating an event schedule, see here.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Schedule Event Schedule.
  2. On the Event Management page, click the name of the current race event.

  3. This takes you to the Overview tab for the event, next click Lineups/Results.
  4. On the Lineups/Results tab, click Entry Window.

    Note: From here you can make changes to race setup which is discussed in more detail here.

  5. When the entry window opens, the first page appears, Setup Tonight's Classes.
  6. (Optional) Use the Add Class button to add additional classes. This opens a modal window Edit Event Classes where new classes can be added.

    Note: Try refreshing the page if newly added classes do not appear.

  7. Before clicking Continue, configure the class options:

    Use Pill Draw - Check this box to use pill draw in the selected class.

    Use Re Draw  - Check this box to use re draw in the selected class.

    Transponders  - Check this box if using transponders in the selected class.

    Highest Pill - Set this value to the highest pill number that can be drawn. The default is 100.

  8. Now in the upper-left, there should appear a tab for each of the event classes. Choose the desired class to confirm driver in a given class.

  9. If performing manual check-in, find the driver in the list and click the Confirm button. If using the MRP Card for Check-In, click Add Entry.
  10. On the next page Pill Draw, click Generate to assign a random number or manually assign a number in the Pill # field.
  11. (MRP Card Only) Scan/enter the MRP ID or select the driver from the lookup.

  12. Verify the driver information and click Enter.

    Payout goes to owner - Check this box to specify payouts belong to the owner rather than the driver.

    Transponder - (Optional) Enter the primary transponder number.

    Backup - (Optional) Enter the secondary transponder number.

    Rented - Check this box to track a rented transponder.

    Default Transponder - Check this box to designate the transponder as the default.

    Invite to Claim Profile - Enter the driver email address to issue an invitation to claim profile when form is submitted.

    Assign Card - Click this button to issue an MRP card to the driver.

    Edit Bio - Click this button to make changes to the driver bio information.

    Note: Organizations using the MRP Card will see a button Assign Card if a driver has not already been assigned a card. To learn more about the MRP card, click here.

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