Creating an Event Schedule

The purpose of this article is to familiarize the user with the process of creating an event schedule in the admin site.

  1. Begin by selecting Schedule | Schedule Event from the navigation menu.
  2. Click the button New Schedule in the top-left.

  3. In the modal form that opens, enter the fields and click Next.

    Schedule Name - This is the name of the schedule displayed to the public.

    Schedule Description - (Optional) This is a schedule description that will be displayed to the public.

    Season Dates - The first and last event dates on the schedule.

    Events on - The day of the week for recurring events on the schedule.

    Include this schedule in your feeds. - This option makes the schedule available in your feeds.

    This schedule is active. - This option makes the schedule visible to the public.

    Association - This is the sanctioning body for the schedule.

    Track - This is the race venue for events on the schedule.

  4. In the Found Events page, check the box beside the suggested events to include them on the schedule, then click the button Add Selected or Skip.

  5. Now in the Add Events Wizard, find the desired track(s) in either the Last Year tab or the All Tracks tab and click the Add Events button to add events one track at a time. 

    Note: Repeat this process for each track on the event schedule.

  6. Pick the desired event dates for the selected track, then click Next.

  7. Review the events to be added, unchecking any dates to be omitted, then click the button Add Events.
  8. When events for all tracks have been added, click the button Finished.
  9. The Events tab is now displayed. Edit an individual event in the schedule by clicking on the event name or use one of the quick-edit features.

    Note: See the Schedule Key for an overview of the quick-edit features available.

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