How Do I Enter Race Results?

This article covers the steps for manually entering race results in Race Management. For information on importing race results, see the documentation here.

It is assumed that the user has already created an event with at least one class and one lineup.

 Note: See Race Management Overview for documentation of these earlier steps.

  1. Begin on the Results tab by choosing either Lineup or Entry List from the dropdown menu in the top-left.Results
  2. Click the driver in the left panel to send it to the results.

     Note: Drivers will be placed in the results in the order that you click them. For example, the first driver clicked will be first place, the second driver second place and so on.

  3. Drivers can also be added to the results by car number. To do this, enter the car number in the textbox on the middle-left Car # and press Enter.
  4. Drag and drop drivers as desired to rearrange the finishing order.
  5. Click the red and white X icon to remove a driver from the results.
  6. Check the boxes to mark drivers as Did not Finish (DNF), Did not Start (DNS), Disqualified (DQ), Black Flag (BF) or No Passing Points(NPP).
  7. Click the Save as Completed button or alternatively use Save as in Progress, Save as Unofficial Results or Save Only.

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