Calculating Lineups

This article documents the process of calculating a lineup based on a pre-programmed formula.

If your lineup formula does not yet exist in the system, you can submit a request or send an email to support AT

Please include detailed documentation of the lineup requirements and we will do our best to add it to the system in a timely manner.

  1. To calculate lineups, open the Lineups tab and click the green button in the top-left Calculate Lineups.
  2. In the window that opens you will see a list of lineup options to choose from.
  3. (Optional) Check the box Set races to Lineups to set the race status to Lineups when the calculation is done.
  4. Click the desired lineup formula and click Calculate.

    Some options such as passing points may prompt for additional input.

We are always adding new lineups, the currently available options are as follows:

  • A Feature from Heat Passing Points
  • Fast/Slow Heat from Qualifying
  • Heat from Pill Draw
  • Heat from Qualifying
  • Heat from 2 race Point Avg
  • Heat from 3 race Point Avg
  • IMCA Opening Night A Feature
  • IMCA Pill Draw Heat
  • IMCA Point Average Heat
  • IMCA Point Average Feature
  • Karting Pill Draw (2 Heats)
  • Karting from Heats
  • Qualifying from Pill Draw
  • WISSOTA Heat
  • WISSOTA Opening Night A Feature
  • WISSOTA Point Average

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