Building Race Lineups for an Event

This article outlines the process of building line-ups for an event. It is assumed that the user has at least one class added to an event and at least one race.

 Note: See Race Management Overview to learn more about the prior steps.

  1. On the Lineups tab, begin by clicking the race being built.

     Note: The currently selected race will have a blue outline.

  2. On the bottom, choose how many columns of races to display from the Row Settings dropdown menu.


  3. Expand the Allow entries in dropdown menu and select either Multiple Races or One RaceIf for example a driver will be running multiple heats, choose Multiple Races otherwise the form will not allow the same driver to be added to more than one race of the same type.
  4. On the top-left, specify how drivers will get added to each race:
    • Stay on Race - Use this option to add drivers to one race at a time.
    • Auto Advance - This setting will advance the active race each time a driver is added.
    • Snake Entry - This option will auto advance to the next race in a back and forth manner rather than left to right only.
  5. Once all drivers have been entered, use the dropdown menu Lineup Options on the top-left to invert the lineups or perform a redraw:
    • Invert - Select the number (2-20) of drivers to be inverted across each race.
    • Redraw - Open the Redraw window by selecting Redraw. Specify the number of drivers to draw and pick the race from the dropdown menu. Enter the redrawn pill number for each driver and click Save.
  6. Once the lineups are completed, be sure to click the save button in the bottom-right. Choose either Save as Lineups to save the races in Line-Ups status or Save Only if you aren't ready to finalize the lineups.

     Note: Only races in Pending status will be placed in Lineups status when using Save as Lineups.

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