Adding Races to an Event

This article outlines the process of adding races to an event in Race Management 2.0. It is assumed that the user has already created an event with at least one class.

Review Race Management 2.0 Overview to learn more about the prior steps.

  1. Begin on the Races tab by clicking the green Add Races button.
  2. Use the dropdown menus to select the desired race type.

    The race will be created with a default name and a number. For example, if 2 heat races are added, the races will be named Heat 1 and Heat 2.

  3. Select the race status from the list of 8 possible statuses:
    • HiddenThe race will not be displayed to the public.
    • Pending - Indicates that the race lineup is not final.
    • Line-ups - Race will be displayed to the public as a starting line-up.
    • In ProgressIndicates that the race is underway.
    • CompletedIndicates that the race has been completed.
    • Unofficial Results - Indicates that the race is complete, but results are not yet finalized.
    • Rained Out - Race has been canceled due to inclement weather.
    • Postponed - Race has been postponed until a later date.
  4. Enter race details in the available fields:
    • Name - The name of the race. Defaults to the race type followed by an incremented number.
    • Sponsor - Add a race-specific sponsor to this field.
    • Laps - Enter the scheduled number of laps in the race.
    • Time Limit - Enter the scheduled time limit for the race.
    • Total Time - Enter the elapsed race time.
    • Tech - Enter the number of drivers requiring technical inspection for the race.
  5. Add an additional race by clicking Add More Races.
  6. When finished adding races click Add.

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