Adding a Points Group

This article documents the process of creating a points group in Race Management. It is assumed that the user has already created an event with at least one class and one race with results. For documentation of these earlier steps, see the Race Management Overview.

  1. Begin on the Points/Pay tab by selecting the desired race in the top-left menu.
  2. Click Add Points/Pay Group.

    Points Group

  3. Enter a name for this group in the field Points Group Name.
  4. Choose the points scheme from the Points Scheme dropdown menu.

     If you need to create a points scheme, read the article here.

  5. Choose the desired pay scheme from the Pay Scheme dropdown menu.

     You have the option selecting '---Same as Points---' if applying the same scheme for points and pay.

  6. In the Schedules section, check the box beside the schedule to which you wish to apply points/pay.
  7. Beneath Apply To, check the appropriate box to apply points/pay to drivers, owners and/or cars.
  8. Check the box Award next points position to next eligible driver if you want points from disqualified drivers to carryover to the next available driver.
  9. On the right you'll see the results list. Check the box beside each driver who will earn points in this group.
  10. When finished editing, click Add.
  11. After the Points Group has been added you can still make manual changes or click the Recalculate button on the bottom left to reapply a points/pay scheme to the group.
  12. Click Save when finished.

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