Building an Entry List

This article outlines the process involved in building an entry list for a class in an event using Race Management 2.0. It is assumed that at least one class has been added to the event, if this is not the case then see the article Configuring Race Setup.

  1. Begin by selecting the desired class from the dropdown menu.
  2. There are 5 primary ways to select drivers for the entry list:

    Searching by Driver Name - Click the Search field in the top-left. Enter at least two characters of a driver name and select the driver from the list of suggestions.

    Filtering by Driver Name - Click the Filter field and begin typing part or all of a driver name. The currently displayed list of drivers will filter down to only display those matching the entered criteria.

    Selecting from a List - In the top-left, click the dropdown menu beside My Drivers. Choose Pre Entries, By Track, By Series or Last Event. Click the desired driver to be added to the entry list. Use the driver filter along with each list option.

    Scanning an MRP Card - Click Scan Barcode and use your connected barcode scanner to read MRP Cards. The system will enter the driver by reading the MRP number from the card.

    Importing from a Previous Race - On the bottom-left, click the button Import from Previous Race to open a modal window from which a previous event can be selected. The system will import the list of drivers who entered the current class at the specified, earlier event.

  3. (Optional) Check the box for Speed Entry to streamline the entry process. Speed entry will save keystrokes and mouse clicks by only prompting for user input when it can't be avoided such as when a driver is being added without a car number.
  4. When not utilizing speed entry, the Confirm Entry modal window appears when a driver is clicked in the list to the left. Use this screen to confirm and edit driver details such as car number, team and transponder number. Click Add when done.
  5. When all of the desired drivers have been added to the entry list, be sure to click the Save button in the lower-right corner.

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