How Do I Setup a Race?

This article outlines the steps for configuring race setup in Race Management.

  1. The first step is to add the classes competing in the event. Click Add Class.

    No Classes

  2. Select the desired class from the dropdown menu and click Add.

    Select Class

  3. When a class is added, the default class settings are used.

     Note: Class settings are retained for Pill Options, Transponder Options, Max Pill and Rebase Pill.

  4. If a change has been made to one of the class settings, Save as defaults will be displayed. To make the new values the defaults, check the box and click Save

  5. Next choose the desired pill options from the list of available configurations.

     Note: Read more about the available pill options here.

    Use Defaults

  6. If an event has been approved by a sanctioning body, the sanction information will appear to the right of the class name.
  7. On the right side of the page, select from the available transponder options.
    • No Transponders - Results will not be determined by transponders.
    • Use Transponders (Allow Rentals) - All drivers must provide or rent a transponder.
    • Use Transponders (No Rentals) - All drivers must provide a transponder.
  8. When satisfied with the changes, click the blue Save button in the bottom-right.

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