Getting Started with Live Timing

The purpose of this article is to familiarize fans with using MRP Live for Fans on the MRP iOS app (available here) and the MRP Android app (available here).

  Note: The iOS and Android apps are nearly identical, this document applies to both.

If you are having issues accessing live timing, contact our support team here.

Following a Live Event in the MRP App

  1. The first time you launch the app you will be prompted to log in. Enter the email address associated with your MyRacePass user account, then tap NEXT.

      Note: The user account must have an MRP Live or MRP Insider subscription to access the MRP Live content.  Click here to subscribe.

  2. On the following page, enter your password, then click LOGIN.

      Note: If an email address is entered that is not associated with a MyRacePass user account, the CREATE ACCOUNT form will instead be displayed.

  3. The main view of the app will display a list of events for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

  4. Tap the desired event to view the event profile
  5. On the event profile tap the Timing tab.

      Note: MRP Live Timing is a subscription service. Users must be logged in and have a valid subscription to access the service. Click here to subscribe.

  6. The Timing tab appears on all event profiles and will display a Live badge when timing data is being broadcast.
  7. If the event is live, you will see the On Track view where the current running order is displayed with lap-by-lap updates.

  8. View Unofficial Results from earlier in the event by tapping Previous.

      Note: The Previous view will display unofficial results which are based on raw timing data and have not been verified for accuracy.

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