How Do I Cancel My Subscription Plan?

This article explains the process of canceling a subscription.

Refunds are not issued for subscriptions, so when a plan is canceled, it is essentially the future renewals that are being discontinued.

How to Cancel a Plan in the App

When a plan is purchased or upgraded in the Android or iOS app, the subscription must be managed from within the same platform.

iOS App

If a user upgrades their subscription in the iPhone app, but later decides to cancel or change their plan, they would need to go about this from within the iTunes store as documented here.

Android App

A user that has subscribed to a plan within the Android app would likewise need to go about cancelling or changing their subscription from within the Google Play store as documented here.

How to Cancel a Plan in the Browser

  1.  Visit the page here.
  2. (Optional) Answer the questions about why the user chose to cancel and what could be done differently.
  3. Check the box to agree to the cancellation policy, then click Cancel Subscription.
  4. The subscription page will now display the Current Plan status as Canceled and a note will appear stating when the plan becomes inactive.

    Current Plan

  5. The user will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.

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